Commission a Portrait

1. Purchase your portrait size

Choose what size portrait you want to purchase for your hand drawn portrait. Any size is possible but popular sizes are listed, Standard 8×10, Medium 9×12, or Large 11×14. The prices listed are for a single head shot portrait (shoulders up). Fees shown include tax and shipping. If the size you want is not listed or you are interested in more than one head shot commissioned, please contact me via my contact page for further discussion.

Purchase your Portrait Size

Payment for:

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2. Send me your photo
For the best detail, digital photos should be high resolution, taken on the camera’s highest quality setting. The most common type of digital photo is a JPEG and that will work perfectly is the resolution is high.When emailing a photo from your phone or from your computer, please choose the “Actual Size” setting. Please email your digital photo to me via email at If you want to mail me a photo that was taken with a film camera, please contact me via my contact page to discuss mailing and shipping options. Once received, I can scan the photo and return it to you.
3. Drafting your Drawing
Once I receive your payment and your photo(s), I will sketch your portrait and send to you a digital image for approval. Once you approve the layout I will start working on your original drawing.
4. Completion 
Once the portrait is completed, I will email you a scan of the finished portrait to get your feedback. At that point any minor adjustments can be made on the portrait if necessary. I will then mail your finished portrait to you via USPS. Additional prints for gift-giving, custom framing, and greeting cards are available.

Examples of My Portrait Drawing Style

My drawing style tends to be more photo realistic which creates a very unique and recognizable portrait.